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American Hollywood Film Academy (AHFA) is located in Los Angeles, the United States of America. In addition to professional courses, we open many art classes that include micro-film production, screenwriting, director, photography, cosmetic, and costume design.

Compare with TV stations, our advantages are that we have our own platforms, for instance, Internet television, Internet Radio, newspaper, and magazine. "Apply what you learn" is our educational goal. For that reason, the production of film and TV art works in our school is a speed-up but high-quality program. It is followed by a large number of art works as the basis of publicity, and then it will become a virtuous circle. The disadvantages are that the platforms are built in a short time and the experience is less. Therefore, our reputation is not as professional as the “TV station”. The temporary shortage of our resources and equipment is also a problem we need to solve.

Compare with the Crews, our advantages are that we have a solid and systematic teaching system, which is based on a fixed time, fixed place, fixed courses, phased and progressive study plan. With the help of our instructors and professors, students can complete their own art works (copyrights belong to AHFA). It has more sense of participation and effectiveness than being assistants only. After that, there is a series of follow-up activities and art works. It brings more continuity and security since we do not offer a "one-time" trading. We do bring students into a "cycle" of the "system." The disadvantage is that the period is longer than the Crews’ (usually two months). Crews always start to shoot directly without any dramatic theories. (Directors tell how to play, or the professionals teach students in the shoot. However, they are mostly supporting roles and assistants, the possibility of real operation is rare.) In this situation, the feeling of "speed-up" production is left to the most people, but it is wrong. In addition, the equipment, capital and actors (fame) are more dominant than we are.

Compare with all types of film and television art classes (non-professional), our advantages are that we provide students "learn to use" platforms. Students and parents feel that is "useful", and can see the "results". Also, our "quarter system" allows students to nonstop learn fresh technologies and knowledge in a year. We try to avoid leaving "not fancy" or "one-time" feeling in their study. Other film and television art classes are usually available for "internship", but most of them are working with other platforms, and delivering interests in each other. Our platform is jointed with "American Hollywood Film Academy" and "World Federation of Youth Literary Art", so there is no "interest transmission" problem between our platforms. It is a genuine learning and producing platform.