As one of the best cinematography schools in the world, the New York Film Academy is committed to educating the next generation of cinematographers to develop their own unique visual voice while gaining intensive hands-on experience working with a variety of cameras and film, from Hi-Def to 16mm film, from 35mm film to the RED Epic digital video camera. From the first day of class, students are behind the camera receiving direct instruction from the Academy’s distinguished faculty of professional and accomplished cinematographers. Furthermore, in addition to helping students develop the technical and aesthetic skills required to excel at their craft, our top cinematography school also focuses on providing students with extensive on-set experience in order to prepare them for the rigors of professional productions.

By immersing students in a practical study of the many facets of cinematography through our hands-on, intensive curriculum, it comes as no surprise that NYFA is considered by many to be the best cinematography school around.


Upon enrolling in a cinematography program at the New York Film Academy, students can expect to take the following cinematography courses in the One-Year Conservatory Cinematography program and MFA degree program.

Hands-on Photography Cinematography: Form and Function
Interior Lighting Hands-on 16mm & 35mm Cinematography
Editing Hands-on Digital Cinematography
Location Lighting Introduction to Digital Post
Assistant Camera Workshop Directing for Cinematographers
Hands-On Steadicam Cinematography/Filmmaker Collaboration
Visual Storytelling Cinematography, Form and Function II
Feature Film Lighting Post-Production for Cinematographers I
Television Lighting Lighting and Cinematography I
Directing the Lens History of Cinematography II
Hands-on Camera Advanced Camera Assistant Seminar
The Visual Screenplay Cinematography/Filmmaker Collaboration
35mm Cinematography Cinematography, Form and Function III
Stage Lighting Workshop Reality Television, Documentary and Cinematography for the Web
Production Workshop I History of Cinematography III
Fundamentals of Lighting Master’s Seminar in Cinematography
History of Cinematography I Advanced Stage Lighting Workshop
Production Workshop II Elective: Intensive Camera Movement Workshop
Navigating the Industry Elective: Cinematography for Digital Effects
Lighting and Cinematography Cinematography, Form and Function IV
Thesis Post-Production for Cinematographers II