No single position has more to do with the creative, technical, and financial aspects of making a film or TV show than the producer. They hire and they fire and work hand in hand with film studios and TV networks. They develop the material, hire the writers, and find the buyers and financiers. They oversee script development, casting, hiring of the crew, locations, distribution, film festivals, and so much more. Ultimately, the producer is the most involved with a project through every phase (from pre-production to production and post-production).

All teams need leaders, and the producer is every movie's leader. If you love Film and TV with a tremendous passion, then learning how to be a television and movie producer at NYFA’s producing school is where your career begins. The producer is so much more than just "the money guy"—he or she occupies the most important position on any project. From the very beginning to the very end, the producer commands the show. Nothing happens without the producer.

At New York Film Academy, our producing school offers BFA, MFA, and AFA degree programs, a 1-year intensive certificate program, and in-depth 4-week and 12-week producing workshops. For aspiring producers looking to gain a hands-on education in the craft and business of producing, NYFA provides one of the best producing schools for students of all types and backgrounds.

You begin your first day at NYFA as a producer, not a student. We treat you as a professional and train you to be the very best. From day one at our producing school, you develop Film, TV, and Web projects, overseeing multiple productions while learning more and more as you progress through a series of challenging production projects. All of this is paired with expert classroom instruction from our experienced industry professionals.

In NYFA’s producing programs, you learn strong project management skills without requiring a business school background. In addition, students complete a professional-level, comprehensive production book for a feature length film that will allow you to approach investors and other industry professionals with your exciting post-NYFA project the day you graduate.  

You will start by producing a short film. Soon after you will have opportunities to produce a reality-TV sizzle reel, music videos, and a TV commercial. Each semester offers a variety of new productions for you to command. Unlike other producing schools, the Film Academy’s Producing Program also offers you collaboration opportunities with NYFA filmmaking students on their ambitious film projects throughout the program. Additionally, there are production workshops (day shoots) where you will dive into TV production. There will even be a Webisode option for you to produce. And in the end, you can graduate having completed a TV Series Show Bible for an original TV show. 

Recognized as a top producing school, our exciting producing school program allows students the opportunity to pursue internships with established TV and Film production companies. These internships can be invaluable learning experiences and have often been a key step to finding a job, as well as being a nice addition to one’s resume.

The combination of hands-on education, a world-class faculty of professional producers, and a curriculum that mirrors the realities and challenges of bringing a production into existence is why many graduates and industry professionals consider NYFA to be the best producing school around.


After enrolling in a producing program at the New York Film Academy's producing school, students can expect to take the following courses depending on which workshop or program they take. 

Producer's Craft Developing the Pitch EP Budgeting and Scheduling
Case Studies Producer's Roundtable Film Finance/Distribution/Marketing
Entertainment Law Story & Script Analysis Cinematography for Producers
Hands-on Sound Film Festival Procedures Introduction to Screenwriting
Hands-on Camera Pitching for Producers Producing Reality Television
Hands-on Lighting Industry Speaker Series Producing Documentaries and New
Film Exhibition Directing for Producers Finance, Marketing, and Distribution
Business Affairs Short Film Production Developing the Pitch for Producers Pitch Fest
Acting for Producers Editing for Producers Line Producing Essentials: Scheduling and Budgeting


Students who wish to enroll in the New York Film Academy's producing school can do so throughout the year. More information on the start dates and tuition for each producing class at our NYC campus can be viewed here.


Students enrolled at the New York Film Academy's producing school can choose to apply their coursework toward credit in one of the New York Film Academy's Los Angeles campus degree programs, including:


Students interested in making a four- or twelve-week commitment to their production studies are advised to look into a short-term producing workshop at the New York Film Academy.


Designed for students wishing to make a longer time commitment to their studies, the producing school at the New York Film Academy offers the following one-year producing program.